Humility Before honor





Our understanding of humility cannot be formed on the basis of psychological analysis or sentimental feelings. The Bible makes clear to us that the starting point for humility is not our determination to act with meek gentleness toward all people in all situations. Instead, the starting point for genuine humility is one’s subservient attitude before God. Accordingly, if God cries out against sin, so do his humble servants, such as the prophets; if God is grieved over men’s hardness of heart, the humble are grieved; if God stoops to serve and save unworthy sinners, the humble follow the divine example (Phil. 2:1-11). Therefore, we should expect to find the truly humble acting at times as bold as lions and at other times as meek as lambs. The key to their attitudes and actions is found in their utter communion with, devotion to, and faithfulness toward the God whom they serve with humble gratitude and love.

Such humble devotion to the Lord is without the sort of fawning affectation that characterizes counterfeit humility. Genuine humility is an attitude of mindful and loving devotion to God. The humble person is mindful of the Lord and of his will revealed in his Word supremely above his being mindful of his own needs and desires or even those of other people. At its heart, humility is characterized by an adamant determination, on the part of its possessor, to know and obey the will of God, though such obedience should lead to the death of the one obeying (Phil. 2:8).

Whatever form the administration of the humble man’s service may take, it always issues from a sense of blessed privilege, holy joy, and deepest gratitude that the humble find when they lie low at the foot of the throne of God’s grace and glory. The service of the humble ever aims to move others to that place of supreme blessedness that only those who walk humbly with their God can enjoy. The humble have found and strive to share with others the secret that the way up is down, the way to highest, most glorious and everlasting life, is when one buries oneself in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.

- William Harrell

Useful because of weakness


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