James 1:22



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When we look at the Word of God we must look at it with an eye to putting the Word into practice in our lives. Listening to the Word and knowing what it says is not enough if our lives are not changed as a result. For if we only hear the Word of God and never put it into practice, we have deceived ourselves (v. 22).

This is not to say that our obedience to the Word of God earns salvation for us. Only God’s sovereign act of election and regeneration by which He grants us the new birth results in our salvation. The evidence of our new birth is our possession of faith, which is evidenced by our profession and our good works.

Faith is not effectual if it does not produce obedience.

This obedience flows from true faith but does not earn our justification. Rather, obedience to the Word of God demonstrates that the faith we claim to have is true faith.

- Ligonier