Steadfast Love Enamel Camp Mug

Steadfast Love Enamel Camp Mug


This special enamel steel mug features verses from Psalm 92 which can be found on the outside, bottom, and even inside of the mug.

These steel mugs are coated in enamel, with a double layer on the handle and rim to survive either the most rugged outdoor terrain or a fall off the kitchen table. Great for hot and cold beverages alike, this large 17 oz. mug is the perfect one for every adventure!

  • Holds 17oz

  • Campfire, oven, and stovetop safe

  • Handmade in Europe

Each mug is unique since every coat of enamel is applied by skilled people’s hands, not by machines. Enjoy the small imperfections that add some extra character!

*Enamelware is very durable, it won't break but it could chip if dropped. If it accidentally happens and your mug chips on the outside, you can still use it. It will just make it more unique!

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