2 Corinthians 12:9




When I am weak, then I am strong

Who are the praying souls amongst us?

Who are the men that live in prayer, on their legs, on their knees, in bed and out? It is those who have no confidence in the flesh. The rich do not go begging; those alone will go to the door of God who are driven out by pinching poverty; and of all trades this is the best — begging at the door of One who gives according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

This accounts for there not being more prayer: people think they have strength, wisdom, righteousness, of their own. When we know how guilty, how foolish, how helpless we are, we cannot help but pray, ‘Give me this day, daily bread.’ This is the life God has ordained for us. The more we feel our poverty, the more we pray; and after praying most earnestly, we turn again with renewed desires as the child to the breast. Though the Lord fed us yesterday, we cannot do without him today.

Who are they who will lean on Christ, but those who feel sinking.

God, by various means, convinces his own children that they have no strength; they find their old corruptions too strong for them; they get entangled in the wilderness. The Lord restores his wandering child, sets his feet upon the rock, establishes his goings. What does the restored one now say? He goes on a little way, but soon omits prayer; gets into a dry spirit: the enemy comes, and overcomes him by the very same temptations which caused him to fall before: this teaches him the desperate wickedness of his own heart, and drives him with fresh earnestness to Christ: this is the end of all falls and troubles, to convince us of our weakness, and send us to Christ.

We ought not to be too much dejected under infirmities; they are painful to feel; but it is God’s appointed way; he has ordained that they shall cleave to us all our way home. It is no accident, but in order to instruct our blind souls where our strength lies. Thank God that you feel your great infirmities. When we really know that we are without strength, our language is not what it used to be, but ‘I will go in the strength of the Lord.’

- Thomas Jones


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