Acts 4:20




The Biblical Gospel and Evangelism

Evangelism is something that flows out of true piety and true devotion to Christ. Our devotion to Christ will always include also a love for men, a love for all kinds of men, a love for our brothers and sisters in Christ and a love even for our enemies.

And one of the greatest expressions of that love should be to tell them about the one who is the very center, foundation and goal of our life and that is Jesus Christ. The believer is a person who must express his faith. He must share his faith.

Now it says here, in verse 45 of Luke 24, “He opened their minds to understand the Scripture.”

I find this very important that we see here that prior to the Great Commission, prior to speaking about sending them out, prior to even speaking about the filling of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit, He opens their mind to understand the gospel.

Many people do not evangelize because they do not understand the gospel. You see, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest catalyst to any exercise of piety. What do I mean by that?

You want to be holy. What should you do? Study the gospel. You want to be more like Christ. What should you do? Study the gospel. You lack motivation in your Christian life. What should you do? Study the gospel.

Anyone who truly has an understanding of what God has done for them in Christ will be motivated to evangelize. It is too great of a story not to tell.

- Paul Washer

No Words, No Gospel

John Piper


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