Stepping Out Into the Unknown

We are getting ready to embark on a new adventure with this business that we started almost four years ago (though at the time, not even thinking that it would be a business at all). Since that time, we've moved three times, had two kids, and life has become more full (in just about every sense of the word).

For the past few years, Hand Lettering Co. has been a side business, not our primary source of income. Chris has had a full-time job to "pay the bills" and Hand Lettering Co. has been secondary as far as money is concerned. However, with several changes at his full-time job, we have come to a crossroads of needing to make some big decisions. Do we take the more secure route of a full-time, salaried job and kind of let Hand Lettering Co. go, or do we step out and jump into this family business all the way and trust the Lord will provide in ways we don't completely see?

Though it's not always easy, we have come to realize that this business is not something that we are half-hearted about, nor is it something we want to just walk away from without there being a better reason than the fear of the unknown.

So, here we are, stepping into the unknown (with a bit of fear, to be sure! :), but trusting our Lord to provide and lead us according to His will one day at a time, which I might add, He ALWAYS has! It may or may not look how we'd dream it would, but it will be good and we are excited to grow in our knowledge of Him as we learn some more of what it means to depend on Him.

That said, we are scheming up several new products to add to the shop that we are pretty excited about and we have also re-opened our contact page for custom inquiries. Bring on the freelance work!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement of us and this business of ours. We are so grateful!

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