Memory Verse Cards

We recently got some "business cards" made to be given out at various events. One side of each card has a link to the Encourage page of our website (where we have free Scripture wallpapers to download, which if you haven't checked that out, you should, because who doesn't like free stuff?) and the other side has one of our designs. 


Then we had the idea to use these little cards as a way to help us memorize Scripture as a family. What we didn't expect is how our 3-year-old would get so stoked on the concept that she daily asks if we can "do the Bible verses." We try to do them each night before bed, adding in a new verse whenever we've gotten the last one down pretty well. They say toddlers are like sponges in terms of what they can take in and their memory, and we are seeing the reality of this before our eyes! Within a couple weeks of this, she has almost fully memorized 10 verses and always wants to add a new one (the only ones we have to slow down the pace for is ourselves!) 

We wanted to spread the love and encourage you in your own Scripture memory endeavors, so we are now including one of these cards in every order (along with our letterpress bookmarks). We hope you enjoy!

Chris Wright8 Comments