There Is A Fountain

We get pretty excited when we come across new music with encouraging, Christ-exalting lyrics coupled with talented musicians. Just last week, I (Carly) was going to be singing at our church with a couple friends and we had planned on one song, but there was a last minute switch and one of the girls suggested the hymn "There is a Fountain" instead. 

At first I have to admit I was a little bit bummed about the switch, but this ended up being the best switch we could possibly have made! :) I wasn't as familiar with this song, but after looking it up, I was so moved by the lyrics. After a particularly difficult week in parenting our two little ones (and struggling with my very selfish heart!), I listened to the words over and over and was filled with SO much joy! I've been listening to it on repeat all week and it continues to be so encouraging to my soul. 

Back to my opening sentence, in the process of looking up the song, we came across a band we had never heard of called the Norton Hall Band. We are absolutely loving their arrangements of several old hymns. 

Give this song a listen and may your hearts be encouraged!