Behind the Shop

It's been a fun time for us to be able to add quite a few new products to the shop in the last few weeks - definitely a record for us! They're all things we have been thinking of for some time, and were finally able to execute. So, we thought it would be nice to give a bit of the stories behind a couple of these products and what they mean to us. 


I would definitely have to say that we are most excited for our new Scripture Memory Card Sets. One of our main goals in coming up with new products is one of the things that started Hand Lettering Co. in the first place: making things that we would like to have ourselves that will both encourage our faith and be aesthetically pleasing! These Scripture Memory Cards definitely fell in line with that goal. We took the concept of taping 3x5" cards onto a bathroom mirror or computer monitor and put our own twist on it by laser burning our designs onto wood and creating a stand out of beautiful solid walnut so that the  cards can be displayed just about anywhere. We can now have specific Scriptures within eyeshot throughout the day to help memorize the Word and encourage our hearts. We couldn't be happier with how they came together!

Our new coaster set has also been a product we've been wanting to create for awhile (hence, the prints in our shop with a circular design! :) but just hadn't quite gotten around to getting them the way we wanted to in order to actually make them available. We liked the idea of having something that is practical and used just about every day in our home (and always out on the coffee table even when they're not in use) turn into something that is also a daily reminder and encouragement and hopefully conversation starters as well.

Keep an eye out for some more fun stuff that is just around the corner. We have a few more exciting things to come these next couple weeks!