Anchored North


Since we started Scripture Type back in the day, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many wonderful ministries and people that we would probably never have known otherwise.

One such ministry is Anchored North. They use media and evangelism to reach the lost with the Gospel in a truly unique way. They are incredibly talented in their craft and equally passionate in reaching this generation with the Gospel.

They create beautiful video testimonies on various topics and then use those videos on the mission field of the internet to strategically reach the 1.6 billion online video viewers with the gospel.


We highly recommend browsing their site and checking out their “video tracts”. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with them on a few projects, helping to design “hand-out tracts” to go along with some of the videos.


We are truly thankful for all that they’re doing to share the Gospel. We’ve also been able to share some of these testimonies with our own family members or friends who are struggling with some of the same issues represented in these videos and it’s been an incredible resource for us!