isaiah 41:10





If the key to fearlessness is believing that God is your God and is with you and will strengthen you and help you and uphold you, then knowing the greatness of this God will intensify your faith and your fearlessness.

  • the God who judges all the earth and calls the coastlands to give account,

  • the God who rules the rulers of history,

  • the God who calls the nations of earth into being because he is first and last,

  • the God who calls his own people and makes himself their God freely and graciously,

that God says to us who believe:

  • I am your God.

  • I am with you.

  • I will strengthen you.

  • I will help you.

  • I will uphold you.

Then Comes the Command — On These Pillars

  • Therefore — because I am the judge of the nations,

  • therefore — because I rule the rulers of history,

  • therefore — because I call nations into being,

  • therefore — because I choose freely my own,

  • therefore — because I — this great and sovereign God —

  • am your God, and

  • am with you, and

  • will strengthen you, and

  • will help you, and

  • will uphold you,

therefore, do not fear.

Or change the image for a moment. Not five pillars. But God in five relations to you expressed in five different prepositions.

  • I am your God — over you.

  • I am with you — by your side.

  • I will strengthen you — from inside of you.

  • I will help you — all around you from wherever the enemy comes.

  • I will uphold you — from underneath you.

Over you, by you, inside you, around you, underneath you.

Therefore do not fear.

- John Piper


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