Matthew 6:34




Do Not Be Anxious

We must not perplex ourselves inordinately about future events, because every day brings along with it its own burden of cares and grievances, as, if we look about us, and suffer not our fears to betray the comforts which grace and reason offer, it brings along with it its own strength and supply too. So that we are here told that thoughtfulness for tomorrow is needless; Let tomorrow take thought for the things of itself. If wants and troubles be renewed with the day, there are aids and provisions renewed likewise; compassions, that are new every morning, Lam. 3:22, Lam. 3:23.

The saints have a Friend that is their arm every morning, and gives out fresh supplies daily (Isa. 33:2), according as the business of every day requires (Ezra. 3:4), and so he keeps his people in constant dependence upon him. Let us refer it therefore to tomorrow’s strength, to do tomorrow’s work, and bear tomorrow’s burden. Tomorrow, and the things of it, will be provided for without us; why should we anxiously care for that which is so wisely cared for already?

This does not forbid a prudent foresight, and preparation accordingly, but a perplexing solicitude, and a prepossession of difficulties and calamities, which may perhaps never come, or if they do, may be easily borne, and the evil of them guarded against. The meaning is, let us mind present duty, and then leave events to God; do the work of the day in its day, and then let tomorrow bring its work along with it. 

By our daily prayers we may procure strength to bear us up under our daily troubles, and to arm us against the temptations that attend them, and then let none of these things move us.

- Matthew Henry


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