Psalm 73:25-26

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Knowing Jesus and loving him matters more than anything else in our lives. To be sure, other things are important. Faithful theology matters, walking in integrity matters, loving the church matters, a healthy marriage and good parenting matter — but what is knowledge and integrity and helping others when our hearts are not enthralled by Jesus? What lasting, sustainable impact will any of these things have if our hearts are not overcome by the glory of God’s grace? What is our understanding of the cross if the bleeding-dying-raising mercy of Christ doesn’t captivate our soul’s deepest gaze?

Better then, by God’s grace, is that our knowledge of God — and our holiness and our serving and our relationships — flow from a life consumed by our Savior. This is the life surrendered to his supremacy, the life of grace that yearns for the One who gives us our life and breath, the One in whom we live and move.

You and Only You

Here, in this longing, is where we confess that Jesus is better than anything in the world. Here is where we stop and say that whatever it is that we have going on in our lives, of all the good things God has given us, Jesus is absolutely better. We pray with St. Augustine, “Lord, bring to me a sweetness surpassing all the seductive delights that I once pursued. Enable me to love you with all my strength that I may clasp your hand with all my heart. . . . You, Lord, are my king and my God.”

- Jonathan Parnell