Psalm 46:10





Men will set up themselves, will have their own way and do their own will; but let them know that God will be exalted. He will have His way, will do His own will, will glorify His own name, and wherein they deal proudly He will be above them, and make them know that He is so.

Let his own people be still; let them be calm and sedate, and tremble no more, but know, to their comfort, that the Lord is God, He is God alone,

and will be exalted above the heathen; let Him alone to maintain His honour, to fulfil His own counsels and to support His own interest in the world. Though we be depressed, yet let us not be dejected, for we are sure that God will be exalted, and that may satisfy us; He will work for His great name, and then no matter what becomes of our little names. When we pray, Father, glorify thy name,we ought to exercise faith upon the answer given to that prayer when Christ Himself prayed it, I have both glorified it and I will glorify it yet again. Amen, Lord, so be it.

-Charles Spurgeon


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