Romans 1:16





‘Thus saith the Lord: Behold I will bring again the captivity of Jacob’s tents, and have mercy on his dwelling-places; and the city shall be builded upon her own heap.’
–Jeremiah 30:18

The gospel is something which comes from God: ‘Thus saith the Lord’. What I desire to indicate here and now is that if we fail to realize that the gospel and all it professes is primarily an activity on the part of God and not on the part of man, we have entirely failed to understand it.

Of course, man has something, and indeed much, to do in the scheme of salvation but all that is secondary. Man only begins to act after God has first acted and has rendered man capable of action. What is the Bible after all but an account of God’s activity and action in the matter of human salvation.

It is not a manual of instructions designed to tell us how to save ourselves, it is a revelation and a proclamation of what God has done in order to bring that salvation to pass. 

Salvation then is something which is already complete and entire in God’s hands. It is something which he has to give and which he is willing and ready to give.

He has done the work, he has taken the action and you and I, if we are Christians, recognize and acknowledge gladly and with thanksgiving that we are what we are and have what we have solely and entirely by ‘the grace of God’.

- D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


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