The Tent and The Altar

As a family, we always get excited about new finds of old books - that is when we first find out about a book that was written by godly men or women of the past (an old book that is new to us!). Many of these finds have come from a wonderful conference called the Fellowship Conference that we've had the blessing of attending a few times. But, most recently we found out about one from a friend who was helping to clean out another friend's storage unit. It seems to be an incredibly rare book because it took me a long time to hunt down by own copy, but I was able to find one copy (from the 1800's!) online and we have been so thankful we did! 

The book is called "The Tent and The Altar: Short Family Prayers for Every Morning and Evening in the Week." The prayers are just overflowing with God-glorifying and worshipful prayers that we are able to read and whole-heartedly agree with. We highly recommend it and have included some rough photo copies below. You can also find the full copied version via this link.