Adoption has been something near and dear to our hearts for a long time. Even before we met and were married, Chris and I both had a burden for orphans on our hearts. We plan on and are praying toward adoption some day in the not-too-distant future, but lately we have been surrounded by all kinds of different heartbreaking stories and encouraging testimonies about the wounds of orphans and the healing that can take place through adoption. And what a perfect picture this is of God's own adoption of us, through Jesus. This has just thrown some major fuel on the fire that was already there of wanting to adopt.  

One of the couples we have loved getting to know (from a distance) and is such a huge encouragement to us is Bryan and Sherry Lopez. They have 10 children (yes, t-e-n!), 6 of whom are adopted.

We first heard of this dear family through their amazing jewelry company, Lovishly (go buy something now - you won't regret it! ;). Recently I learned more about their family through an interview with The Archibald Project, and I was so incredibly encouraged. Their love for the Lord, for orphans, and for all 10 of their beautiful children is so evident and so faith-building. So grateful for this family!

Check out the interview here.

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