Passing the Test


It's been a fun process to gradually add more and more products to our shop. After a couple of years of only selling art prints, and then (after a successful Kickstarter campaign) being able to purchase a laser engraving machine, we have been able to add a variety of different products (with ideas for many more)! It's so much fun to try out different ideas we have. But, it's far more than just thinking of something, making it, and selling it. Each idea goes through some serious testing! There are several factors that we look over to see if the item will pass the test, but one of the primary ones is simply whether or not it's something we would be excited to purchase/receive or not. We are not professionals! :) So much of what we do is learning as we go and then seeking to refine and perfect our craft to the best of our ability. 

Our wood-wrapped Moleskine notebooks are no exception! We had done some initial testing before we released these a couple of months ago, but even after the first run, we decided to make a few more adjustments. We adjusted the spine design a bit, tossed it into our diaper bag (a special test to see whether it has the ability to withstand a serious beating, comparable to tossing it into a tornado), and when it came out alive, we decided it was ready to re-launch! 

So, the books are back up in the shop and are customizable with any of our designs. It's always so awesome to see something go from an idea to a real product and then to see you, our faithful supporters, enjoying it. It makes us so happy!