Seasons of Change


It's been awhile since we've given a more personal update as to where we are as a business, as a family, and in life generally. Autumn has officially begun (though San Diego hasn't caught onto that yet as we have had a 100-degree heat wave this week! :) I love how the seasons reflect the changes that come throughout life as well.

Life is always unfolding with new changes and, by God's grace, spiritual growth through those changes.

Since stepping out and doing Hand Lettering Co. full-time at the beginning of the year, the Lord has continually and graciously provided for us. In the past few months, He has brought about a couple of steady freelance design clients that have been a great blessing. They're fun projects to work on and, though they do somewhat lessen the time we are able to invest into Hand Lettering Co., they also give us the freedom to look at Hand Lettering Co. more as a ministry than a source of income (which has always been a goal of ours). 

This has also kept us VERY busy and ever aware of our need to re-align and adjust priorities so as not to lose focus on seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This is essential for our own souls, our family, as well as being sure that all of our work is being done for His glory and purposes alone. How quickly we can lose that focus! 

That said, we are entering into one of the busiest seasons of the year! So, it's all the more essential we keep our focus in the right place. And we're also pretty excited about some fun stuff in the works that should be launching in the next month or two! Can't wait to share!

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