The Biggest Story - Animated!


We shared several months ago about a book for children (and adults, really!) that we were super stoked about. The Biggest Story is one of our favorites as it is Biblically written, beautifully illustrated, and equally enjoyed by 30-year-olds and 3-year-olds! 

When we attended the Canvas Conference last month, we were so excited to find out that they would be premiering the new animated version of the book. The short film far exceeded our expectations! The animation was wonderfully done and the original music score accompanies the book so perfectly. We received our copy in the mail last week and watched it with our daughters who were just as enthralled as we were. :) We highly recommend it not only as an encouragement to your own faith, but it's also an excellent tool for evangelism and sharing the story of the Bible in a clear and concise, yet powerful way. 

Enjoy this preview of the film!

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