New in the shop


We've been keeping a secret for the past few months and are excited to finally let it out! Please meet the newest additions to the Hand Lettering Co. shop: an enamel camp mug and our very own blend of Hand Lettering Co. coffee (freshly roasted by our friends at Land and Water Coffee)! 


These are no ordinary camp mugs.

We have had our eyes on them for a couple of years now, and were finally able to make them a reality.

They are steel mugs coated in enamel, with a double layer on the handle and rim to make them extremely durable. They're also campfire, oven, and freezer safe! Take it camping, bake a cake in it, save some ice cream for later, whatever you need that day, this mug just might be able to help. :)

We hope to have more designs down the road, but this first edition is a "Gospel" mug.

The design wrapping around the entire mug is of Ephesians 2:4-5, the inside of the mug is from verse 8, and the bottom of the mug is from verse 9. It was inspired by Jerry Bridges quote to "Preach the Gospel to yourself every day." Our hope for ourselves and you would be that this mug would help make the morning cup of coffee or tea be a time of remembering key truths of the Gospel.

As for the coffee, we hadn't ever been big "coffee people" until a few years ago when we started making our own cold brew. So when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Land and Water Coffee on a special Hand Lettering Co. blend, we jumped at the opportunity, especially since the timing was so perfect as we were just in the process of ordering our new mugs! They roasted a couple batches for us to try and we narrowed it down to a roast that incorporates our favorite "notes" in a coffee. If you're up for branching out on a new blend, be sure to give it a try! We're pretty stoked on it. And also, check out Land and Water Coffee for more of the story behind the roasters.