Fonts for Your Next DIY Project


We were recently remembering the details of our wedding and all of the details that go into planning and preparing for such a huge event. We are the type of people who love to look on Pinterest for ideas and look for ways to make things ourselves to save on the costs. Unfortunately, we didn't know much about Pinterest at the time of our engagement! Chris drew our wedding invitations, but you would be completely surprised to see them because they are absolutely hilarious. We seriously just laugh when we think back on his art "style" back then. Friends and family who received those invitations can testify that he's truly "come a long way!" ;)

With that background, we thought it may be helpful to share a resource that we wish we would have known about at that time. It may help you with your own DIY project (invitations, save the dates, church graphics, etc.)! It's no secret that hand lettering gives these types of projects a unique and special touch, but not all of us have the necessary skills or time.

Enter This website offers hundreds of different unique and hand drawn fonts from various artists and are made available at very affordable prices (sometimes even for free)! There is a huge variety of fonts available - everything from modern calligraphy to vintage-style lettering. You can browse through all the various options available, or you can take advantage of their design bundles. These bundles gather a variety of several different fonts and design elements and makes them available for a limited period of time at a very reduced price.

Here are some that we could see being useful for various projects:


We hope this may be a valuable resource to some of you!