Spring is here and it really does bring with it a desire to start fresh. To re-assess and declutter our priorities and commitments, our minds, and even our home haha. We always love a good spring cleaning! 

Since the busy season of the holidays and then some other commitments over the past couple months, Hand Lettering Co. has kind of gotten the short end of the stick. We don't like when that happens because we love this little business of ours.

We love hearing the stories that come into our inbox at times of how God is graciously answering our prayers to use the work we do to encourage others through His Word and Truth.

We are SO encouraged by these stories and we don't want to take them lightly; we want to continue to invest more of ourselves and our time into Hand Lettering Co. But it is certainly a constant juggling of time and energy and priorities. 

That being said, we just took a little family road trip up to the mountain town of Big Bear Lake in order to rest and refresh. And (this is big) we even took our first whole family photo in almost two years! There wasn't much snow left, but our San Diego-born beach girls don't really know the difference between a lot and a little when it comes to snow, so they were stoked. ;)

And, of course, we also talked some Hand Lettering Co. We have some really fun and exciting ideas in the works. So, thanks for your support and encouragement of us, even when we've been a little bit more quiet lately. Our desire is to keep pressing on, thoughtfully crafting Scripture resources & goods for the treasuring of God's Word!

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