She Reads Truth Bible


We get really excited and are so thankful when the Lord grants us the opportunity to work alongside other businesses/ministries that we love. She Reads Truth has been one that we've admired and appreciated for some time now.

They do an exemplary job in coupling beautiful aesthetic and design with the valuable resources they put out and we truly admire their work and all that they're putting out to help people get into the Word of God every day. They've now added He Reads Truth and Kids Read Truth as well!

So, when they asked us over a year ago to be one of the 15 people to contribute designs for the brand new She Reads Truth Bible, it was really an honor. And now that it's been released, seeing it in person and all of the love and care they put into this project, we are even more thankful to have been able to participate.

From colors, to the layout, to the font used, and the overall design, they have truly put so much thought and heart into this unique, beautiful Bible and every aspect wonderfully reflects and complements the inherent beauty of God's Holy Word.

We highly encourage you to check it out