Hello, 2019!


We really like new years. They are such a special time to mark the closing of a full year and reflect on the events, blessings, and trials that God had providentially planned for it. And it’s a time of looking forward to a new one, applying what we’ve been learning, and anticipating what God would have in store for the year ahead.

The Quiet Life


The past couple new years we’ve been considering 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and how this verse encourages us to "live a quiet life." How difficult this can be at times when life is so full (of many good things, but full nonetheless)! This article titled, “The Joy of an Unaccomplished Life” hit on the same theme and was a great encouragement to us in that regard.

It says, “To lead a quiet life doesn’t mean we lower our expectations; it means we lower our eyes. We look beside us. We look around us. Rather than gaping upward at the next trophy we’ll win, the next raise we’ll earn, we look beside us at the people whom God has placed in our lives for us to serve. And we consider their interests, their needs, more significant than our own (Phil 2:3). We shift our gaze from the “next big thing” to all the little things we miss when we’re mesmerized by the idols of bigger, better, bolder.”

Digital Detox

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As we enter 2019, one of the main things on our minds and in our prayers is that we may better prioritize and balance our time. We need God’s wisdom to prioritize relationships, the church, work, exercise, rest, all while seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.

There can be many obstacles in the way of this desire, not least of which is technology and the distractions it can bring. We recently read another article about “digital detox” and found it very helpful as we desire to unplug more often and be more mindful of the unnecessary time spent on the phone or computer. The article provides practical suggestions on “how to step back from social media for a short season for the purpose of recalibrating your life habits and priorities and find digital health and balance in a world without digital brakes.”

We know that we won’t do any of these things perfectly, but we’re thankful for the opportunity to reflect and have a renewed sense of dependence on God as we seek to honor Him with our time and priorities this next year.

What are you reflecting on as 2019 begins?

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