American Gospel: Christ Alone


We’re not big movie watchers, but of all the movie genres, documentaries are by far our favorite. In October of last year a new documentary was released that we watched and were incredibly helped and edified by its clear presentation of the Gospel. It goes on to address several popular and unbiblical additions to the Gospel: works, health, wealth, prosperity, etc. It carefully compares each of these to Scripture in order to bring clarity and simplicity to the fact that Christ alone is the beautiful center of the true Gospel.


The message of the “prosperity gospel” has spread rapidly over the past several years. In the words of John Piper:

“It is not the gospel, and it’s being exported from this country to Africa and Asia, selling a bill of goods to the poorest of the poor: ‘Believe this message, and your pigs won’t die and your wife won’t have miscarriages, and you’ll have rings on your fingers and coats on your back.’ That’s coming out of America.”

Our friend recommended the documentary to us last year and we watched it more than once and shared it with several friends and family as well. It’s been a source of some good conversations.


We really appreciated how the documentary truthfully, clearly, and gracefully presents the dangers of this teaching. We first watched and purchased the digital download of the film, but ended up buying several of the physical DVDs to be able to share it with others.

We understand that some of these things can be quite controversial, even within the church. Our desire in sharing it is not to stir up arguments. We simply hope that it would be an encouragement to you, as it was to us, of the beauty and glory of the Gospel that treasures Christ above all else.