Stuff Our Kids Love

Whoever first said that it takes a village to raise a child wasn't kidding! It's incredibly rewarding, but tough work, and we're so thankful for the village God's placed around us to help us pursue faithfulness in our parenting.

Part of that village really includes some of the resources that we've found along the way that help to impart God's truth in beautiful, understandable, and fun ways (and we were not asked or paid to share these in any way - we just genuinely love these resources and want to spread the word).


Here are some of our favorites!


The Biggest Story ABC Board Book

If you've been following us for a little while, you probably already know how much we love The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung. In addition to that book and the animated version, there is also a version for smaller hands. The Biggest Story ABC board book is beautiful like the original, but shortens and simplifies the story (while also teaching your little one the ABCs! :) And, of course, being a board book, it's much more baby-proof. 


The New City Catechism

Ever thought you'd see your kids singing and dancing to catechism questions? Download the free New City Catechism app and you just might (this is a sight we see on a regular basis)! There's a children's setting on the app that has songs to go along with the questions and, as many of us know, songs are one of the most helpful tools in memorization. It wasn't long before our girls had almost all of the questions completely memorized. It's fun for them and in the process, they're hiding these important Biblical truths in their hearts! 


The Bible Project

This one's for adults as well, but as our kids grow, they're loving these videos more and more. Since they're animated and engaging, we love having this as an option for when the day is calling for a little "screen time." ;) So thankful for the creators of the Bible Project and the amazing effort they put into this incredibly rich and beautiful resource!

And for the grownups (or even young readers!), we just recently began reading along with the accompanying Read Scripture app which also incorporates these videos. 

Princess of the reformation


This book is one that was gifted to us and authored by someone we met through Scripture Type! She sent a copy to our daughters and Eden has already read it countless times. It's a wonderful, true story about Jeanne d'Albret whose bravery, faith and intelligence helped spread the Gospel during the Protestant Reformation. It's been wonderful to have a princess story for our girls to read that portrays a woman who used her life to glorify and honor God.