Summer Reads


We've probably said it before, but ever since we got married six-and-a-half years ago, we have never been able to read and finish a single book at a time. Before we finish one, we start another, and then another, until we have 3-4 going at a time and then have the difficult task of deciding which one to read before bed at night. 

Summer is always a great time to pick up a new book to take along for vacations, beach days, or a good old sit on the porch with some fresh lemonade by your side.

Right now, our church's men's and women's group are going through books that we're really enjoying and greatly benefitting from, so we thought we'd share them with you!


The Enemy Within, like its title suggests, is not necessarily a feel good, light and easy read, but it is jam-packed with convicting insights into the indwelling sin that lies within each of our hearts. Drawing from two of John Owens’ works on sin in the life of believers, this short but compelling book offers great hope as we struggle between the Spirit and the flesh. Though it brings up many sobering realities, it is also filled with encouraging and practical application for putting sin to death, freeing us to walk in the joy-filled holiness God intended. 


A bit lighter of a read, but equally encouraging, None Like Him is also a book that draws from some older classics and brings them into more modern day language. Jen Wilkin, inspired by A. W. Tozer and J. I. Packer, explores ten incommunicable attributes of God - the attributes that belong to Him alone. Each chapter leaves us in awe of who He is and brings the rest that comes with knowing God is God and we are not. There's also a sequel that was just released, In His Image, studying the attributes of God that we are meant to reflect. Can't wait to read that one next!

What are you reading this summer?