Our Shop's Newest Addition

You may have seen by now, but we have recently added something new to our shop! We have been talking about leather products for quite some time. We love the look and smell of leather, but it took a lot of research and experimentation before we were ready make it into a sellable product. 


We wanted to have a lighter and a darker option available, but didn't realize not only how differently various leathers burn, but also how easy (or not so easy) they are to clean up after they've been laser burned. After testing several different samples, we finally found two options that we are really happy with and excited to finally have available! 

Whenever we add something new to our shop, it's super important to us that it's something we'd want to have in our own home and use ourselves as well as that the finished product is a quality one. So in the end, we know it was worth the wait!


Speaking of which, we have something else involving leather in the works that we are pretty stoked about. Can't wait to share, so stay tuned!

Any ideas of other leather products you'd like to see in the Scripture Type shop?