My Day Job


Over the years since we started Scripture Type, there have been many misconceptions (even among some of our own friends) of what it really is. We’ve received several comments over the years about how nice it must be to be able to have your dream job and work together as a family all the time. While those things aren’t entirely untrue, the reality is that Scripture Type has never been our full-time work and we never mean to portray it as that, but we often don’t mention “my day job.” Scripture Type has always been our side family hobby/ministry run only by my wife and me. We’re so thankful for the opportunity we have to do this together, but the majority of the day is filled with my full-time work as a freelance creative director.

At the time we started Scripture Type (then known as Hand Lettering Co.) we were living in our friends’ basement, had no real income and were actually planning on leaving California at that time because we just weren’t making it. In God’s providence, right around the time we were seriously discussing a move, an opportunity came up to do some work for a local nutrition bar company called Perfect Bar. The marketing director at the time reached out via Instagram after I had posted a photo of our daughter holding one of the bars for a contest (we were already big fans of these bars :).


That work eventually turned into me coming on as an in-house employee for the company, which was a huge provision and answer to prayer for that time. I learned a lot over the next few years - everything from digital marketing and package design to vehicle wraps and billboards.

A few years ago there were many changes within the company and with new management which led to me leaving the job and stepping into the world of freelance design. It was a bit scary as we didn’t know if we’d be able to pay our bills without having a consistent paycheck, but at the same time we were so excited because we had been praying for a long time to be able to be together as a family more often.

Since then, God has brought about some great opportunities to work with a beef jerky company called Country Archer and another protein bar company, Atlas Bar, which have been basically the same position I had at Perfect Bar (creative director) but with the benefit of being able to work remotely.

At one time I was very focused on making Scripture Type my only full-time work, but I have found many unexpected blessings from having these other jobs. One is the blessing of the relationships I have made through these jobs and the dynamics of working with a team. There are also so many things I have learned, and continue to learn, that I’m able to apply to Scripture Type.

In the midst of our move, I’ve been working on a full rebrand for Atlas Bar, being able to redesign their logo, packaging, website, and even help plan and film a Kickstarter video and campaign for the launch of the rebrand.


This was the first I’ve had full creative freedom on a project like this, designing everything from scratch, even down to the smallest details of the materials used (like the gold foil on the packaging). We even filmed parts of the Kickstarter video in our home and using Carly’s mom as an actress. ;) You can watch the video and see the debut of the rebrand here.


I share all this to hopefully clear up some of those misconceptions and let you know why at times Scripture Type is a bit “quiet.” But all of this was even a huge driving factor behind us making the move to Kentucky. The lower cost of living and slower pace of life will, Lord willing, better enable me to balance these things put my best work into all that God has put before me, while also being present with my family and faithful with the relationships and commitments outside of work. We feel so thankful for all of these things!

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