Big Changes Ahead


We’ve been meaning to get this update out for awhile now, but the last couple months have been a bit of a whirlwind. So here’s what’s been going on.

As you may have seen in one of our newsletters or on Instagram, back at the end of May and early June, we were alluding to some potential big changes in the coming months. We have been praying about the possibility of relocating since the beginning of this year and in June we took a trip to Louisville, KY - the city that, for a variety of reasons, had been at the top of our list. (Side note: many of you wrote and let us know that you were praying for us as we went on that trip and we are so thankful that, without even knowing us personally, you would remember us in your prayers as we’ve considered this huge decision!)


Well, we wanted to give an update on the trip and some exciting changes ahead. God showed His hand in so many ways throughout the whole trip, overwhelming us with specific answers to prayer (even some we hadn’t mentioned to each other), and completely confirming this move in so many incredible ways.

When we returned to San Diego, we had decided that we were going to continue heading in that direction, we began to look at housing, but thought it would most likely be after the holidays that we’d find a place and make the move. Part of relocating would be to combine our home and business into one place as the last year or so has been getting increasingly difficult trying to work together, homeschool, and divide everyday life between two separate places. So we knew it would again need to be some pretty specific answers to prayer for the right thing to come up. Not to mention trying to find it from the other side of the country. But, only a few weeks after we returned from our trip, God provided a house! So, in just over a month we are planning to move our lives and relocate our business to Kentucky!


Yes, this is going to be a big move and involve some major changes for our family and all that we’ve ever known as born and raised San Diegans. But God has been so kind to make things clear and bring so much peace about the decision, so our excitement for the changes ahead is growing every day. In His goodness, He’s already provided some awesome friendships, a wonderful church, a home and many other providential connections.

You might wonder what this means for Scripture Type. In many ways, it won’t change anything other than our “ship from” address. But beyond that, we believe there are only positive changes in light of this move as our desire is that there will be a bit more flexibility and time freed up to put into Scripture Type. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to create and put out new designs and free resources on a regular basis and, Lord willing, the lower cost of living along with the significantly slower pace of life should help make that possible.

We’ll do our best to continue to keep you posted throughout this huge transition and are so thankful for your prayers!