Bible Meditation


It's been awhile! So we thought we'd give a brief update on our lives, what's been going on with Scripture Type, and what God's been teaching us lately. 

The end of the summer held lots of company staying in our home, about a month of sickness between the four of us, and a very restful trip to the mountains. At the same time, there have been some significant changes going on with Chris' freelance design work. Since that's his "full-time" work," changes with it always have some effect on Scripture Type and the amount of time available to put into it. So, sometimes it seems like we are constantly reevaluating, reassessing, restructuring our priorities, schedule, and routine. And with that, we are so dependent on the Lord to show us how to prioritize and where to invest the time He's given us in a day. 

We recently listened to a sermon that has had a huge impact on us in this area. It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of raising kids, work, running a business, and everything else that life holds, that the most essential thing, the thing that holds all these other things in their proper places, foolishly gets pushed further down the list of priorities.

The sermon was on Bible meditation. Slowing down, being still, and spending time alone, with God, meditating on His Word. How hard this is for us in this fast-paced, technology-filled day that we live in! But it was so encouraging. There is nothing more valuable than knowing our God more fully and intimately, and meditation is a primary means by which this happens. 

We are listening to it and re-listening to it, seeking to take it seriously and apply this to our busy lives. We hope it encourages you as well!

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