Books, Bibles, & Beats

We love when we find out about new resources, music, books, etc. that encourage us in our walks with God through the ins and outs of daily life. It's so fun to see what other creatives are doing all over the world and how so many are using their talents to glorify God and build up the body.

And we love getting to share these things with others as well! But please know that we are not being paid or even asked to do so. We're just really excited about them and hope that they might encourage you as well. 

That said, here are just a few of the things we are enjoying right now: 



We recently found out about Manuscripts: The Bible in individual, pocket-sized volumes. The books are beautifully designed and the perfect size to take with you anywhere. Their first project is currently live on Kickstarter: the four Gospels published in easy-to-read individual volumes. We backed the Kickstarter for two Gospel sets and can't wait to receive them and share them with others! 


The Illuminated Bible

To say we were excited to find out about this new Bible that was just released from Crossway would be a huge understatement. I've been a fan of Dana Tanamachi as an artist for several years, so when I saw this Bible last week, I immediately knew I wanted to buy one for our family. The Bible is not only beautifully illustrated, but is meant to be a modern take on the practice of illumination (or adding decoration to manuscripts), which dates back to the early fifth century. 

The best price we found is through the Westminster Bookstore and Christian Book, and we decided to buy a bunch of them for Christmas gifts this year. To learn more about the Illuminated Bible, visit the link below.


Beautiful Eulogy: Worthy

While we don't listen to very much hip-hop/rap music, Beautiful Eulogy is certainly an exception. And their latest release, Worthy, may be our favorite of their albums so far. Chris has been playing it almost non-stop for the past couple weeks. The lyrics on each track are amazingly rich, thought-provoking, and worshipful.